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New Utility Trailers Debuted at the ICUEE Show

Felling Trailers exhibited at the International Construction and Utility Equipment Exposition (ICUEE) that took place at the earlier this month in Kentucky. We had several exciting construction and utility trailers exhibited at the show including the newly designed models, the FT-30-3 I-S DS, FT-14-2 R Turret and the FT-14-2 UPT-C. Also in the booth was our FT-45-2 LP (Low Pro) Drill Series tag trailer with optional air ramps and an FT-22 IT-I industrial tilt trailer. For construction and utility professionals who were not able to attend, the show, here is quick re-cap of the highlights from our booth at ICUEE!

Felling Trailers at ICUEE Utility Construction Trailers
Felling Trailers at ICUEE Utility Construction Trailers


ICUEE Highlights – Utility Trailers

Utility Pole Cargo Series

FT-20-2 UPT Utility Pole Cargo SeriesFelling Trailers, Inc.’s Utility Pole Cargo Series trailers are unlike a traditional pole trailer that’s sole purpose is to transport poles during storm repair and general maintenance pole replacements, combo pole trailers see much more utilization. Being equipped with a cargo bed, they can serve duty as an everyday material hauler. When equipped with removable reel stand assemblies, they can serve as reel trailers. The reel stand assemblies have carrying capacities from 2500 lbs to 5000 lbs and when equipped with the HD reel stand assembly with bronze bushings they can be fitted with reel tensioning brakes as well as hydraulic payout/take-up assemblies that can be invaluable when winding up downed conductor.  They are available with three tandem axle configurations – 7,000 lb / 8,000 lb / 10,000 lb. Two lengths: 20’ retracted/30’ extended /10’ bed and 24’ retracted / 40’ extended / 12’ bed. 
Learn more about Felling’s Utility Pole Cargo Series

Self-Loading Turret Reel Trailer

FT-14-2 R Turret Trailer - Felling TrailersFelling Trailers, Inc.’s Self Loading Turret Reel trailer is a valuable tool for any fleet. With a 360 degree hydraulically operated rotating turret assembly, the FT-14-2 R Turret can lock into any position when the directional control valve is released. Keeping mindful of equipment, time, and operator safety the turret’s self-loading feature eliminates the need to have extra equipment and operators on-site to lift and load the reel as on a fixed reel trailer. The hydraulic payout/take-up assembly is a sealed gear driven unit. Keeping repair work to a minimum, there are no chains or sprockets to break or wear out. The drive unit is exceptionally smooth and quiet to operate, easily engages, and disengages from the reel bar. Not only does it payout and retrieve, but it also has optional hydraulic braking capabilities. Hydraulic brake tensioning eliminates the heat generated by traditional caliper and rotor. This reduces line gallop and allows for a longer tensioning duration. The generated heat is absorbed in the hydraulic oil and dissipated by the oil cooler.
Learn more about Felling’s FT-14-2 R Turret Reel Trailer

Triple Axle FT-30-3 Drill Series

(Pairs with New Drill on the Market)

FT-30-3 I-S DS utility directional drill trailer - Felling Trailers

Felling Trailers, Inc. has focused on manufacturing trailers for the underground drill and trencher industry for a long time. After customer feedback on need for trailer to accommodate a new drill, Felling’s Engineering and Sales teams went to work to design a three-axle model with the deck between the fenders to obtain the lowest deck height possible, yet be available in either electric brakes or air brakes depending on the end user’s needs.  In this design, they also incorporated some of the options that many utility customers require as standard, items such as an extended hitch configuration that includes about 30 inches of minimal tongue width back as far as the jack to allow a tighter turning radius.  This hitch configuration allows a heavy-duty spring foot jack to be mounted on the outside of the hitch for easy jack operation without reaching inside of the hitch to operate.  The elevated water tank stands were designed with increased strength and narrower to allow the tank to mount a little farther over the fender, accommodating the wider drill yet keep the tank as low as possible.

Learn more about the FT-30 I-S DS and FT-45-2 LP Directional Drill Trailers

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