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X-Force Flip Axle - Jeep - Boosters Attachments

Hydraulic Detachable Gooseneck Attachments

Felling knows that each hydraulic detachable gooseneck lowboy trailer will not haul the same cargo and depending on your cargo you have different features that you need. That is why we provide the following; X-Force Flip Axle, Jeep, and Boosters Attachments to be paired with your X-Force HDG. Our goal is to provide you with the options needed to obtain the ideal weight distribution for the loads you transport.

Felling Trailers X-Force Attachments - XF-Flip AxleXF-Flip Axle 20-1
Close couple axle that increases carrying capacity when pinned to the rear of the trailer. This axle can be flipped on to the rear of the trailer when not in use (view operational video), keeping your overall length within legal requirements when not loaded.

Note: 55 ton and larger models come standard with flip axle provisions.

View Flip Axle

Felling Trailers X-Force Attachments - XF-JeepXF-Jeep 80-2 and 80-3
Used in extreme heavy haul situations and coupled between the tractor and trailer. The Jeep increases overall hauling capacity by adding an axle group, as well as creates an additional point of articulation for long combinations improving maneuverability.

Note: The trailer must include the provisions to accept this option.

View Jeep


Felling Trailers X-Force Attachments - XF-Fixed BoosterST-Fixed Booster (Single or tandem) 
Our self-equalizing nitrogen booster increases carrying capacity by adding an additional axle group (single or tandem axle configurations) when coupled to the rear of the trailer.

Note: The trailer must include the provisions to accept this option.

View Fixed Booster

Felling Trailers X-Force Attachments - ST-SingleSpreaderST-Spreader (Single or tandem) 
Used as a self-equalizing nitrogen booster when used in conjunction with a single or tandem pin on axles.

Note: A “single axle spreader” cannot be used in a tandem axle configuration.

View Spreader

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