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Your Custom Trailer Manufacturer

Felling Trailers, originally known as Sauk Centre Welding, started building trailers in 1974. As Sauk Centre Welding, Merle Felling Sr. (founder of Felling Trailers) saw a need for more quality construction in many of the trailers his weld shop serviced and repaired. It was then that he decided to start building his own trailers, and so Felling Trailers was born. As trailer sales grew, so did the types of trailer models that Merle and his growing team built. Then and still today, there were what you would call a “standard” trailer build with basic features and a “custom” trailer build with added optional features. We believe in building a trailer to meet the needs of the operator and the equipment they are hauling. A custom, built to spec trailer, is different for each customer. It can be the addition of tie-downs to specific locations for the equipment it will carry to hydraulic deck ramps, bucket plates, lift axles, strobe lights, and the list goes on. While other manufacturers say, “It can’t be done,” Felling’s Trailer Experts say, “Let’s figure this out!” We believe that a trailer needs to be built to work for you and the work that you do, that is why we are your custom trailer manufacturer.

Creating the Perfect Custom Trailer

We understand that each customer has unique preferences and needs. That is why we personalize every custom trailer to suit their specific needs. Check out some of our previous custom trailer projects to see how we’ve assisted our customers in creating their ideal trailer.

Project One

The first story is that of a custom deck over hydraulic tilt trailer, FT-40-2 T custom manufactured trailer solution for a government entity. The trailer would transport the fleet’s Case 590SN and CAT 430F backhoe loaders to worksites to repair water line leaks/breakages, etc. The new trailer build needed to incorporate operator safety and ease of use as top priorities. The trailers would often be used on narrow, sometimes winding streets with tight access points in day and night operations. Transporting more than a backhoe loader, many times attachments and accessories, such as hydraulic hammers and buckets, would be part of the load. Our expert sales staff worked with our engineering team to design a trailer incorporating operator safety and functionality to suit the entity’s needs.

FT-40-2 T custom trailer

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Project Two

The second story is that of a 35-ton XF-70-2 HDG (hydraulic detachable gooseneck) built to the custom spec of a Northeastern Municipality. The 35-ton hydraulic detach needed to accommodate the load angle needs for their various equipment. This was done with a few custom specifications: custom 36″ front fold-over ramps in lieu of the standard 26″, 35º approximate, full-height trunnion approach with grousers, full-length modular wheel covers, and center decking. Keeping operator safety and ease of use in mind, they added extra D-ring tie-downs, amber strobe lights in the tailboard, and an adjustable aluminum folding oversized load sign. For this municipality, the fact that Felling was able to customize based on their needs sealed the deal.

35-ton XF-70-2 HDG custom trailer

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Project Three

Our last story is about a Concrete Cutting company in the Western United States that knew Felling could build a trailer for their exact needs. They needed a hydraulic dump trailer, not just an ordinary dump; they needed one with a stationary platform in front of the dump box to accommodate their MT52 Mini Track Loader. With the two companies working together, the FT-10 DT HD-SP was created. The trailer consisted of an 8′ hydraulic dump box with a 42″ wide by 96″ long stationary platform in front of the dump box with a total deck length of 12′. The stationary platform was flush with the frame on the outer sides of the trailer to comfortably fit the Mini Track Loader along with its attachments and has a ramp lock in place at a 90º angle. The ramp was a 48″ long by 42″ wide flip-up ramp, which is reinforced under the track footprint for loading with spring assist to provide ease and safety in raising and lowering the ramp.

FT-10 DT SP Custom Trailer

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Felling Trailers Works With You

For nearly 50 years, custom fabrication and trailer manufacturing have gone hand in hand because when it comes down to it, it’s all in the details. There are no ideas too extreme and no details too small. We strive to work with our customers to select the suitable trailer model from the 240-plus models we offer, then spec it out with the features they need to get their work done safely and on time. Felling’s ability and willingness to build just about any kind of trailer has positioned them as the go-to custom trailer manufacturer in the industry.

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