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Celebrating National Weld Month with Felling Trailers

April marks National Weld Month, a time to recognize the essential skill of welding that plays a crucial role in many industries, especially trailer manufacturing. At Felling Trailers, our skilled welders are fundamental to our operations. They ensure that every trailer we produce meets our high standards of strength and durability.

A Look at Our ProductionFelling Trailers Welders

Our welding team works across three production shifts to keep production running. The day and night shifts together manage approximately 21 hours of welding each weekday, with the weekend crew contributing an additional 35 hours from Friday through Sunday. This schedule is key to maintaining our productivity and meeting the demands of our diverse production lineup.

A Look Into Our Weekly Production:Felling Trailers Welder

  • Drop Deck I Series Trailers: Between 14-25 trailers, varying with the type and specifications.
  • Hydraulic Dump Trailers: 8-12 trailers.
  • Custom/Specialty Trailers: 4-10 trailers.
  • Deck Over Tag Low Pro Trailers: 16 trailers.
  • Deck Over Tilts (Air Tilt/Hydraulic Tilt): 5 trailers.
  • Semi Trailers (OTR, NN, MX, Hydraulic Tail): 5 trailers.
  • X-Force Hydraulic Detachable Goosenecks: 2 trailers.
  • IT-I Tilt Trailers: 15-20 trailers.
  • Pan Trailers: 5-10 trailers.
  • EZ-Tilt Trailers: 2-3 trailers.

Employee welding at Felling

Welders Spotlight

During this National Welding Month, we’ve taken a look back at our exceptional team members and those that have been featured in our “Grow With Us” series. These individuals not only excel in their welding skills but are also key contributors to our team:

  • Greg Martino, a Senior Welder whose expertise and attention to detail help maintain our high standards for production.
  • Robby Horn, Lead Welder on the night shift, is known for his leadership and dedication to quality.
  • Jonathan Woodman, Lead Welder who brings precision and passion to every project.
  • Chad Steinhofer, Lead Welder who ensures that all products produced meets our quality standards and is done on time.

Fun Facts and More

Throughout the month, we’ve been sharing fun facts and insights about welding on our Facebook page. These posts provide a look into the fascinating world of welding, highlighting how essential this skill is to manufacturing and many other industries.

Celebrate National Weld Month

Weld Production at Felling Trailers

As we wrap up National Weld Month, we at Felling Trailers are proud to recognize all of our welders who contribute to our success. Their skill in transforming metal into dependable trailers ensures that Felling remains a leader in the trailer industry. Visit our website to learn more about our team, our process, and why felling Trailers stands out in the world of custom trailer manufacturing

Join Our Team

If you are interested in joining the Felling Trailers’ Weld Team, apply online today!

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