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Technology Bulletin

Felling Trailers Implements Real-Time Torquing Procedure

Felling Trailers, Inc.’s Documented Real Time Torquing Procedure was officially implemented January 1st, 2019. After nearly a year of research and development of the procedure, as of January 1st, 2019, 100% of Felling Trailers’ safety critical … [Read more...]

 Utility Pole Trailers 101

By Mark Rapp, Felling Trailers Utility/Telecom Product Manager When working on pole trailer specifications, there are a few items that need to be defined to set it up properly. Length of longest pole that will ever be transported. Length … [Read more...]

Rim Drive vs. Chain Drive: Powered Reel Winders Differences

Felling offers two different types of hydraulically powered deployment (payout) / retrieval  (take up) systems for utility reel trailers, Rim Drive and Direct Drive. Let's take a look at what makes the two drive systems in powered reel winders … [Read more...]

How to Bleed your Trailer Brake System

You ordered a complete brake backer for your trailer and installed it. But now what? How do you bleed the brake system on the trailer? Good question. Felling Trailer is here to help you learn how to bleed your trailer brake system. Here’s what … [Read more...]

Understanding the Appearance of the Galvanized Finish

Hot-dip galvanizing finish trailers appearances Recently on our blog, we shared the benefits of hot-dip galvanizing your trailer (read it here). A popular option in coastal areas or on salty roads, hot-dip galvanizing offers protection from … [Read more...]

Why Choose Hot Dip Galvanizing for your Trailer?

Felling Trailers has many different options available to customize your trailer to your unique needs. One popular option for corrosion and rust protection is hot dip galvanizing. Hot dip galvanizing is ideal in areas such … [Read more...]

How to Change a Trailer Equipped with Hydraulic Surge Brakes to an Electric Brake System

A common question that we get in our Parts and Service Department at Felling Trailers is in regards to changing the brake system from Hydraulic Surge brakes to an Electric Brake System. Felling's Parts Specialist identifies for you the step-by-step … [Read more...]

The Right Angle

The Right Angle, with Felling’s Hydraulic Bi-fold Ramps Option (written by Brenda Jennissen, Felling Trailers, Inc.) (SAUK CENTRE, MINNESOTA, August 26th, 2015) –Felling Trailers has redesigned its hydraulic bi-fold ramp option. The newly … [Read more...]

Advantages to change

Technology Bulletin - Aluminum Toolbox Effective Date: 9.8.15 Subject: Large Aluminum Toolbox option   Felling Trailers, Inc. has added the offering of a Large Aluminum Toolbox as an option on it’s Drop-Deck model lines. Advantages of … [Read more...]