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Felling's Core Values: Our Guiding Principles

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At Felling Trailers, we’re not just in the business of manufacturing trailers. We’re in the business of building relationships, fostering trust, and delivering excellence with every product and interaction. Our core values of Integrity, Providing Innovative Solutions, Positive Attitude, Accountability, Quality, and Pride are more than just words on a page — they’re the guiding principles that shape our culture and drive our company.

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Felling Trailers’ Core Values

Integrity: Whether working with customers or fellow team members, we prioritize integrity above all else. It’s not just about following the rules — it’s about doing what’s right. From the design stage to post-sales support, integrity guides our decisions and actions, ensuring that we always deliver on our promises and maintain the highest level of integrity in all aspects of our business.

Innovative Solutions Provider: In a rapidly evolving industry, innovation is key to staying ahead of the curve. We’re constantly aiming for new ideas, exploring new technologies, and reimagining what trailers can be. From cutting-edge designs to customizable solutions, we’re committed to providing our customers with the tools they need to succeed.

Positive Attitude: A positive attitude is contagious, and it’s something we strive to cultivate in every aspect of our business. Whether it’s on the manufacturing floor or in our customer service department, we approach each day with optimism, enthusiasm, and a can-do spirit. It’s this positivity that fuels our creativity, fosters collaboration, and drives us to go above and beyond for our customers.

Accountability: Accountability is non-negotiable at Felling Trailers. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of performance and reliability, and we take ownership of our actions and their outcomes. If something goes wrong, we don’t make excuses — we take responsibility and work to make it right. Our customers can count on us to deliver on our promises, every time.

Quality: Quality is the cornerstone of our business. From the materials we use to the craftsmanship that goes into every trailer, we’re committed to excellence in everything we do. Our trailers are built to last, designed to withstand the toughest conditions, and backed by a team of experts who take immense pride in their work.

Pride: Last but certainly not least, pride is what sets us apart. We take immense pride in the trailers we produce, the services we provide, and the relationships we’ve built with our customers over the years. It’s this sense of pride that drives us to continuously raise the bar, to never settle for anything less than our best.

Creating a legacy through exceptional people, products, and results! Felling The Trailer EXPERTS.

Building Excellence Together

At Felling Trailers, we’re more than just a manufacturer — we’re a partner you can trust, a team you can rely on, and a company that’s committed to you. Our team plays a pivotal role in upholding our core values. Their dedication ensures that we consistently deliver excellence to our customers each day. Join us on this journey, and let’s build something great together.

About Felling Trailers, Inc.

Felling Trailers is a family-owned and operated Full Line Trailer Manufacturer located in Central Minnesota. Started in 1974, Felling Trailers, Inc. has grown from a small shop to a factory and office complex that today covers over 441,000 square feet. Felling’s pride and differentiation is its customized trailer division. Its engineers utilize the latest Industry-leading design techniques, and its experienced metal craftspeople use cutting-edge technology to turn its customers’ conceptual Trailer needs into tangible products. Felling has been providing innovative trailer solutions to the transportation industry for nearly 50 years. Felling Trailers’ current capabilities allow them to provide a high-quality product that is distributed across North America and internationally. Felling Trailers, Inc. is an ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certified company, a WBENC-Certified WBE company, and an Equal Opportunity Employer.

For more information, contact 1.800.245.2809[email protected], or visit us at You can also follow us on Twitter (@FellingTrailers), Facebook (Felling Trailers, Inc.), and Instagram.

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