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Felling Trailers

Benefits of Felling Trailers’ Double Incline Beavertail Option

One of the main reasons that people choose a Felling Trailer is because there are so many options for customization! People can create a trailer that is ideal for their unique situation and the equipment or materials they are hauling. One … [Read more...]

Safety Pays at Felling Trailers – Workplace Safety Month

June was National Workplace Safety Month and the perfect time to focus on best safety practices for our staff. Felling Trailers takes safety very seriously so each year we provide safety tips and treats for our employees.  Here is a look at how we … [Read more...]

How Much Water Should You Drink?

Summer months bring hot temperatures, not only outside but on the shop floor too. So, how much water should you drink? Drinking enough water is key to preventing heat stress and also to help fight fatigue, but how do you know how much water you … [Read more...]

How to Fix a Hydraulic Dump Trailer System

Felling Trailers manufactures hydraulic dump trailers ranging in capacities from 4,500 – 30,000 lbs. Each trailer has a hydraulic pump system that operates the raising and lowering of the hydraulic cylinder or hoist that raises/lowers the dump box. … [Read more...]

Trailer for a Cause Raises Over $9000 in Three Years

For the third consecutive year, Felling Trailers Inc. has been donating a trailer to be auctioned online for “Trailer for a Cause”. Our goal is to bring awareness to various non-profits that are making a difference by donating 100% of the proceeds … [Read more...]

Advantages to change

Technology Bulletin - Aluminum Toolbox Effective Date: 9.8.15 Subject: Large Aluminum Toolbox option   Felling Trailers, Inc. has added the offering of a Large Aluminum Toolbox as an option on it’s Drop-Deck model lines. Advantages of … [Read more...]