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The Heavy Hauler’s Transport Solution – X-Force

For those in the heavy haul industry, having a trailer designed for capacity, load ability, fit, and function are essential. For many commercial haulers, the cargo that their semi-tractor-trailer transports changes daily. Loads can vary for many of these heavy haulers, and utilizing a detachable gooseneck lowboy trailer provides them with the capacity, both in size and weight, needed. This type of lowboy trailer design has two drops in deck height, one right behind the gooseneck and one before the wheels. This allows for the deck height to be very low in comparison with other semi-trailer types. This low deck height can be essential when cargo height dimensions must be within or under federal and state restrictions. Trucking legal height limits vary from state to state (13’ 6” – 14’). The trailer design allows the operator to load cargo/equipment from the front when the gooseneck is detached, from the rear depending on design, or from the side, depending on the cargo.

Felling Trailers has manufactured hydraulic detachable gooseneck lowboy trailers for over a decade. Felling’s X-Force HDG trailer line offers load capacities ranging from 35 to 60 tons and many accessories depending on your capacity needs. The HDG’s hydraulics run from the semi-tractor’s auxiliary (standard) or a pony motor (optional) mounted in the neck of the trailer. The X-Force HDG Series is one of the industry’s most user-friendly hydraulic detachable lowboy gooseneck trailers on the market. Felling’s HDGs were designed for ease of use and optimal operator safety when detaching/attaching the gooseneck to the trailer bed. The gooseneck latching system operates via an air-actuated vertical pin lock. The undercarriage self-aligns with the guide box on the trailer bed when connecting the gooseneck.Detachable Gooseneck Lowboy Trailer, X-Force HDG

Always keeping the owner/operator in mind, Felling Trailers continually researches ways to refine and innovate their product designs. Felling released design modifications to the X-Force hydraulic detachable gooseneck this past March at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023. More often than not, an operator must offload/load equipment on less-than-ideal terrain that is soft or uneven. Considering this scenario, the gooseneck stirrups were designed to provide an additional 1-3/4″ ground clearance, making the hookup/disconnect process easier. Auto-ratcheting load blocks have also been factored into the gooseneck design. Read more.

The industry’s most user-friendly detach, the X-Force, offers 4 model variations. Each of the design variations makes them ideal configurations for specific transport applications.

  • HDG (standard) – Built with the features you need and the options you want.

  • AG (agricultural) – The AG series X-Force is equipped with aluminum pull-out outriggers/pull-out side extensions to make transporting machinery like combines, choppers, sprayers, and more a breeze.

  • SL (super low) – An 18″ usable level deck height with a 6″ ground clearance makes it an ideal spec for Carriers specializing in extra-tall cargo/equipment transport. The low loaded deck height is ideal for a multitude of applications due to the full-width level deck as opposed to a drop-side model.

  • HD (heavy duty) – Built with rugged brute strength to tackle the most demanding capacity loads.

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Which detachable gooseneck lowboy trailer is the right one for your hauling needs? Talk with our Trailer Experts and get the right trailer for your transport needs.

Read here how Felling Trailer Experts have helped counties and coops get the right X-Force lowboy for them.

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