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The Trailer Experts Recap of the Utility Expo 2023

The Utility Expo 2023 was a record-setting gathering of over 21,000 utility construction professionals from all 50 states and 60 countries, converging at the Kentucky Exposition Center. Felling Trailers was one of these, bringing our team of Trailer Experts and a dozen of our utility industry-focused trailers to the expo. We had several exciting construction and utility trailers exhibited at the show, including the newly re-designed Utility Reel series with the FT-8 R’s with its auto-locking reel bar system, FT-14-2 R self-loading turret, and the FT-7 DDT drop deck pan tilts modified tilt locking system. We also featured several units focused on the horizontal directional drill industry with our FT-45-2 LP (Low Pro) Drill Series tag trailer with optional air ramps and FT-20 I-S DS and FT-24 I DS drop decks equipped with drill kits and tank accessories. For construction and utility professionals who could not attend the show, here is a quick recap of the highlights from our booth (K125) at The Utility Expo!

Utility Telecom Products from Felling Trailers

Utility Pole Trailers


We featured 2 model variations of our Utility Pole trailers, the FT-20 UPT and the FT-16 UPT-C (utility pole cargo). The UPT model line offers capacities ranging from 4,200 to 24,000 lbs. to ensure you have the right trailer for the poles you need to transport. The UPT-C features a cargo box providing the flexibility to haul backfill, debris, and even reels with the optional removable reel stand.

Utility Cable Reel Trailers


FT-14-2 Double Reel

An array of Felling’s Reel series models were available for viewing and demonstration. Felling’s Utility Cable Reel trailers are built to your specifications with safety-minded features. Load capacities ranging from 1,740 lbs. to 13,520 lbs, a wide range of reel capacities, LED lighting, and sealed wiring harnesses are all standard. Featured in the booth were the FT-8 R, with auto-locking reel bar system, and the FT-14-2 R Double Reel. More specialized units also on display were the FT-16 SLR (self-loading reel) and the FT-14-2 Self-loading Turret.

HDD Trailers

FT-20 I-S DS

FT-24 I DSFelling’s Horizontal Directional Drill Trailers are used to transport directional boring machines known as horizontal directional drills (HDD), used for horizontal underground drilling/directional boring. HDD is a minimal-impact trenchless method of installing underground utilities such as pipes, conduits, or cables. Felling offers two classes of HDD trailers: Drop Deck I Drill Series, deck between the wheels, models with 12K-27K capacities, and Low Pro Drill Series, deck-over flatbed tag trailers with 30K-50K capacities. Two of the droop-deck I Drill Series trailers were featured in the booth, FT-20 I-S DS and FT-24 I DS. The FT-20 I-S DS featured options such as a 7″ deck lip extension ahead of fenders, a large 9 Cu ft toolbox, and a drill kit installed: pump hardware front, tank hardware rod storage door, and track stops (curbside). The FT-24 I DS featured options such as ramps mounted to the roadside, a large 9 Cu ft toolbox, and drill kit installed: an elevated tank kit for DW 400-gallon tank (pump front) with four tank supports and two tack stops (curbside).

Tilt Trailers Drop-Deck


Felling’s drop deck tilt trailer offering consists of three model variations: Pan Tilt, IT-I Tilt, and EZ-Tilt. Featured in the booth were the FT-7 DDT, a gravity tilt, which uses gravity and a center pivot point for the tilt bed to tilt, and the FT-16 IT-I tilt, IT-I (Industrial Drop Deck Tilt) tilts with the use of a cushioned cylinder, gently lowers the tilt bed to the ground for loading. The FT-7 DDT drop deck pan tilt featured the re-designed tilt bed locking mechanism and optional features such as a small 2.5 Cu ft toolbox, a 23.5″ treadplate approach, and a single hydraulic cushion cylinder. The FT-16 IT-I featured options such as a 6′ stationary platform (4′ std), rub rail & stake pocket tie downs, rubber torsion suspension with 42″ spread, medium 4.9 Cu ft. toolbox, pallet fork holders, and hydraulic tank with lock valve.

New Faces

In addition to the new product models, Felling brought many new team members to The Utility Expo 2023. Joe Pessen, South Central Regional Sales Manager, joined Team Felling in February of this year, and Jim Capobianco, Northeastern Regional Sales Manager, joined in August. Joe covers the SC region once served by Gary Knudsen, who retired at the end of 2021. Jim covers the NE region once served by Mike Flynn, who retired in January 2023.

Next Door in Booth K123, Larson Cable Trailers

Larson Cable Trailers, Inc., a division of Felling Trailers, is a known leader in fiber-optic cable-handling trailer products. Larson exhibited in tandem with Felling Trailers at this year’s expo. The Larson booth featured two of their LCT-7500 models, offering product demonstrations by their team throughout The Utility Expo 2023.

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Be sure to mark your calendars for The Utility Expo 2025. We will see you there! To learn more about any of the products from Felling Trailers, contact us here, chat with us on our website, or call us at 1-800-245-2809.

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