Perimeter Frame - Hydraulic Tail

Perimeter Frame Hydraulic Tail Trailer – PF-HT

This Perimeter Frame – Hydraulic Tail model line is popular in many industries such as Commercial Transport, Rental and Construction for it’s low load angle and it’s ability of dock loading. Standard with an 8′ 6″ hydraulic tail with a 4′ fold under tail.

Model Specifications

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Some models may be shown with optional features.


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FT-70-2 PL-HT   FT-70-2 PH-HT



FT-80-2 PL-HT   FT-80-2 PH-HT





FT-80-3 PL-HT FT-80-3 PH-HT



NJPA 031711-FTSFT-100-3 PL-HT FT-100-3 PH-HT

Paint Selection Chart  Hot Dip Galvanizing  

See Operational Video Below

Perimeter Frame Hydraulic Tail Operational

Perimeter Frame Hydraulic Tail Optional Front Deck Ramp


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