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Construction Drop-Deck Trailers that Get the Job Done

Felling Trailers offers 5 main model lines of drop-deck trailers (deck between the wheels, low deck, ramp trailer.) Which trailer model line is right for your application will depend on the equipment you are transporting. Take a look at our I series, E series, Pan series, Light Utility, and Compact Loader (CL) model lines here.

Drop-Deck I Series - Felling Trailers Inc.

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I Series trailers are constructed of a single cold formed I-Beam to make the outer trailer frame from tongue to tail, giving a very solid structure. The single frame design also gives the I-Series a very clean and strong profile. (Trailer shown with optional toolbox)

• Capacities ranging from 7,000 to 21,000 lbs.

*Directional Drill Models

Drop-Deck E-Series - Felling Trailers Inc.

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E Series trailers are engineered with a channel side frame and flat deck to increase towing width and loader-friendliness! The E series trailer is designed for more concentrated weight distributions with the addition of channel side rails, which stiffen the entire trailer. Your E series Felling Trailer will likely outlast the equipment you are hauling.

(Trailer shown with optional toolbox and custom paint)

• Capacities ranging from 7,480 to 23,000 lbs.

Drop-Deck Pan Series - Felling Trailers Inc.

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Pan Series trailer are ideal for skid loaders! It was designed with quality and durability as its main attributes. Four different deck options can be chosen: Pan (P), Grat-X (G), Wood (W), or Floor Plate (FP). Our Pan trailers offer one of the lowestload angles for a ramp trailer in the industry!

• Capacities ranging from 7,480 to 14,800 lbs.

Drop-Deck Utility Series - Felling Trailers Inc.

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Light Utility Series trailers are a great multipurpose trailer for your ATV, lawn mower, golf cart, or any other product. They’re the all-purpose unit, whether you are taking your four-wheeler up to the cabin or the lawn mower down the road to help the neighbor out, a Felling Light Utility trailer fits the bill. (Trailer shown with custom wheels and paint)

• Steel Construction

• Pan Style Side construction – various heights available

• Capacities ranging from 1,800 to 13,500 lbs.

Drop-Deck Compact Loader Series - Felling Trailers Inc.

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Felling’s Compact Loader Series trailers are the perfect match for your Mini Skid-Steer. This line of trailers has been designed to accommodate not only your Mini Skid Steer but also its attachments. No matter the brand name of your equipment,  the CL Series is the perfect fit with multiple tie downs to secure your equipment and attachments safely and quickly.

• Capacities ranging from 5,000 to 11,100 lbs.

FT-3-Mini Trencher-Vibratory Plow Trailer

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Felling’s FT-3 Mini is your transport solution for your Vibratory Plow. Designed with the same characteristics as the machines they are carrying, these models are compact, lightweight. Built with a focus on efficiency and safety with multiple load securement points and easy load fold down ramp.


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Available Ramp Options for Drop-Deck Trailers

Drop-Deck Trailers SplitFullWidth.DSee some of the popular ramp options that are available to you for your Felling Drop-Deck trailer.
Ramp Options


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