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Tarp Kits for Hydraulic Dump Trailers

Felling Trailers has noticed an increasing amount of our rental customers ordering hydraulic dump trailers with tarp kits. Tarp Kits for hydraulic dump trailers increase safety by reducing flyaway debris and are becoming required by law in some areas.

Tarp Kits Increase Safety

Tarp kits for hydraulic dump trailersLocal and State laws and regulations in many areas are requiring tarp kits or strongly recommending them. Tarp kits prevent load debris from coming out of the trailer and into traffic. Whether you are carrying black dirt, pea rock, tree trimmings, lawn clippings, or other materials, a tarp kit will keep the debris secure in the trailer. Without a tarp kit, debris could potentially affect visibility or chip windshields, cause damage to other vehicles, or injure pedestrians.

Tarp Kits for Hydraulic Dump Trailers

The Tarp Kits from Felling Trailers can be ordered for either a new or existing Felling Trailer. They are custom fit for any make or model of trailer, so every tarp kit fits likes a glove.  The Felling Trailer Tarp Systems are durable, dependable, and easy to use. Tarp Kit Systems available from Felling Trailers include Electric Tarp Systems, Mechanical Crank Arm Tarp Systems, and Manual Tarp Kits. They are available with options such as tether line securement hooks, self-locking ratchet system with a spring release, and a tarp hook attachment area.

Click here to learn more about the Tarp Kits for hydraulic dump trailers available from Felling Trailers. 

Do you have questions about our Tarp Kits for Felling Trailers? Please fill out this simple form or call us at 888-335-5464. We look forward to hearing from you!


  1. Looking for price and part number for a tarp kit for our trailer that we purchased for our rental trailer we are hertz location in Canada and did not get trailer with tarp set up just a hand crank setup would work


    • Felling Trailers says

      Good morning Korey,

      Your request has been sent on to our Parts & Service Department, they will be contacting you soon.

      Felling Trailers

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