Grow With Felling

“Grow With Us Series”

As we are turning the corner towards 45 years in building trailers, we look back and see how much our company, along with our employees have grown. Many of you may already know the story of how Felling Trailers started as a small fabrication shop in downtown Sauk Centre in 1974. But, to add to this story, we would like to invite you to read our “Grow with Us Series.” Here you will meet the people of Felling, we will share a bit about the people that have played a part in what our company is today and where we will be tomorrow. Some of the people you will meet have been with us for many years, some decades and then others may just be starting their careers with us.


"Grow With Us Series - 1" Greg Waletzko

Name: Greg Waletzko Status: 5 Months Title: Quality Assurance Manager “Employees are valued for the skills they bring to their jobs, making Felling Trailers a company of choice.”

"Grow With Us Series - 2" Brian Lawver

Name: Brian Lawver Status: 6 Years Title: Weld Supervisor “There has been a huge amount of growth since I started in 2012. I think the transition from first generation ownership to second has gone really well! I feel this company is going in the right direction.”















"Grow With Us Series - 3" Sheri Leonard

Name: Sheri Leonard Status: 17 Years Title: Human Resource/Safety Coordinator “They have trained me since my start date and always helped me to grow. They have given me opportunities to be an asset to myself along with being an asset to the company.”

"Grow With Us Series - 4" Dillon Huntington

Name: Dillon Huntington Status: 8 Years Title: Finishing/Assembly Team Supervisor “I remember when Felling was just a weld shop with a quarter of the crew we have now. In the 8 years I have been here, things have dramatically changed and improved.”















"Grow With Us Series - 5" Kristie Moritz

Name: Kristi Moritz Status: 7 Years Title: Scheduling Coordinator “I was ready for a new challenge, I wanted to grow within the company, and I felt this was my next step.”