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Grow With Felling

“Grow With Us Series”

As we are turning the corner towards 45 years in building trailers, we look back and see how much our company, along with our employees have grown. Many of you may already know the story of how Felling Trailers started as a small fabrication shop in downtown Sauk Centre in 1974. But, to add to this story, we would like to invite you to read our “Grow with Us Series.” Here you will meet the people of Felling, we will share a bit about the people that have played a part in what our company is today and where we will be tomorrow. Some of the people you will meet have been with us for many years, some decades, and then others may just be starting their careers with us.


Grow with Us - Sheri Leonard

Name: Sheri Leonard Status: 17 Years Title: Human Resource/Safety Coordinator “They have trained me since my start date and always helped me to grow.”

Grow with Us - Kristie Moritz

Name: Kristie Moritz Status: 7 Years Title: Scheduling Coordinator “I was ready for a new challenge, I wanted to grow within the company, and I felt this was my next step.”

Grow with Us - Nathan Uphus

Name: Nathan Uphus Status: 20 Years Title: Sales Manager “I like to be involved in as many aspects of the business as ownership will allow me to, I find it challenging to learn new roles.”

Wade Skillings Felling Trailers Lead Machine Operator

Name: Wade Skillings Years:Title: Lead Machine Operator “Working at Felling Trailers in the Fab area and throughout the plant there seems to be a bond that grows between people.”

Grow with Us - Jake Meyer

Name: Jake Meyer Years: 21 Title: Inside Sales Consultant “It’s been said that if you’re not growing, you’re dying. In all of my position/role changes, I was looking for a way to try new things and take on new challenges.”

Grow with Us - Benji Hudalla

Name: Benji Hudalla Years: 21 Title: Final Inspector “When I graduated from Auto Body School, I was more interested in the painting, and I thought Felling Trailers would be a good start for me.”

Grow with Us - Bob Vangstad

Name: Bob Vangstad Years: 20 Title: Retired 2021 “It’s a good place to work. The last company I worked for went broke. I had lots of forklift experience, Felling was hiring, and it’s been a good place to be.”

Scott Brown Parts and Service Supervisor

Name: Scott Brown Years: 12 Title: Parts & Service Supervisor “The company has gotten much larger; the thing that hasn’t changed is it still takes everyone to do their thing to make it all work. There are just more of us.”

Grow with Us - Chad Steinhofer

Name: Chad Steinhofer Years: 28 Title: Lead Welder “Wow! The facility, 20-25 years ago, was much smaller. I’ve seen the Blast and Paint line put in, all the additions, expansions; it’s been incredible to be a part of that.”

Jim Robischon, Accounting Coordinator, Felling Trailers, Inc

Name: Jim Robischon Years: 20 Title: Accounting Coordinator “Through the years, my position has stayed the same, a lot of other functions have come into play as employees would come and go, and I would be asked to assist.”

Name: Lloyd Schoutz Years: 8 Title: Maintenance Technician “Each day is something a little different, always a variety of things to do.”

Name: Ron Funk Years: 38 Title: Fabrication Machinist “In 1979, I started working for Sauk Centre Welding & Machine Works doing repairs and learned some machining, then we got into building trailers”

Name: Warren Weber Years: 5 Title: Production Manager “After 25 years of corporate life, I decided to make a career change and have never looked back”

Name: Johnny Woodman Years: 8 Title: Lead Welder “I like building trailers, and the people I work with are great.”

Grow with Us - Chris Senger

Name: Chris Senger Years: 7 Title: Senior Material Handler “It was a veteran-owned company and close to the Eagle’s Healing Nest where I volunteer,”

Grow with Us - Juan Juarez

Name: Juan Juarez Years: 9 Title: Lead Painter “People respect each other here, the jobs each of us do, and how we do them.”

Grow with Us - Robby Horn

Name: Robby Horn Years: 8 Title: Lead Welder Night Shift “The company has grown a lot, new buildings, new equipment like the laser and robots, and more people,”

Grow with Us - Josh Meyer

Name: Josh Meyer Years: 12 Title: Maintenance Technician “We are always trying to improve processes to make things easier and more efficient,”